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PostHeaderIcon CrackGuard in Operation

On October 5th, CrackGuard (R) was successfully demonstrated at the Delft university in the Netherlands. The video shows its ability to monitor cracks from an early to the critical stage. Early detection offers the ability to schedule maintenance and combine it with other maintenance activities on board.

The CrackGuard (R) project is still open to partners and will be explained during the 27th FPSO meeting in Houston...


PostHeaderIcon CrackGuard; Offshore Crack Monitoring

Although various efforts are undertaken during the design, engineering, fabrication and operation stages of offshore structures to avoid fatigue cracks, the operators are obliged to periodically inspect the structures for the presence of cracks. Cracks that are too long for safe operation must be repaired. Cracks of an acceptable length must be followed up during successive inspections.CrackGuard However, the uncertainty of crack growth rates means it is not known when the cracks will reach their critical lengths. Therefore, operators either increase inspection frequency or reduce the allowable crack length, which leads to higher operational cost.

Interviews with offshore operators revealed that they seek an affordable, simple and robust system to monitor the length of detected cracks. Such system should only warn the operator when a crack has reached its predefined unacceptable length. The overall costs of the system should be competitive with the cost of additional visual inspection by a surveyor.

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PostHeaderIcon What is DotDotFactory?

The DotDotFactory was founded in october 2009 by Erik Puik. Having noticed that the emerging market of "autonomous sensor systems" needs more manufacturing power, the company was founded from a vision that autonomous sensor systems should be readily available at acceptable cost. Today, this market is a niche market with many specialized solutions providers, all producing sensors is minor quantities that don't enable mass production. Also R&D cost for these sensors are enormous and have to be earned back over the relatively small production numbers.

DotDotFactory aims to provide a solution to produce sensors in larger quantities, heavily leaning on standardized and proven solutions. By combining these proven solutions in a modular fashion, for both software and hardware, the realized value for money will be optimal. In this way the DotDotfactory is able to provide you with solutions, while keeping cost acceptable.


PostHeaderIcon Societal Drivers

Safety standards for people are continuously improving. In a world where people are better aware about the safety of their environment, an intrinsic demand is heard about a safer environment.

Things as global warming, terrorist attacks or a collapsing bridge couldn’t be spread more efficiently than with modern media. In western democracy the voice of people is heard by governments and translated to stricter laws. These laws demand things in our environment to be managed at a higher level. Cars, plains and houses have to meet stricter inspections and will ultimately reach a higher level of operation (safety, emissions, environment friendly recycling etc).

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PostHeaderIcon DotDotFactory starts project met Marin en TU Delft

Uit bevindingen in de maritieme en de offshore markt blijkt dat reders van schepen en scheepsconstructies en operators van offshore constructies, behoefte hebben aan een kosteneffectief technologisch systeem om ontdekte vermoeiingsscheuren te kunnen

bewaken, zonder de inzet van inspecties. Bij overschrijding van een zekere scheurlengte waarschuwt het systeem automatisch, zodat dan kan worden overgegaan tot reparatie.

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